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Professional coaching for glowing artists!

Being an actor, a public speaker or a musician (or all of that!) is a rich adventure.


The artistic world comprises unexpected discoveries, constant adaptations, and creative challenges.

Uncertainties, lack of self-confidence, or the need for support can manifest at each phase of an artist's life.

Our coaching sessions are specially designed for you, artists, and adapt to each stage of your artistic journey.


Whether you're a beginner looking to realize your artistic dreams or a professional searching for renewal, our sessions are crafted to help you live your ambition, overcome your fears, and shine your brightest!

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Common coaching themes

For artists who are starting out

  • Support in creating an artistic project, like recording an album or making a film

  • Unlocking creative projects: overcoming obstacles that hinder the progress of an artistic project, such as doubt and lack of self-confidence, or lack of resources

  • Managing tensions within an artistic community, like tensions in a music group or a troupe, or tensions with managers and other key figures in the industry

  • Managing reactions to success or failure: support in the emotional and strategic management of reactions to the success or failures of artistic projects

  • Managing the artistic persona and the balance between public personality and private life

  • Overcoming creative doubts: support to manage and surpass periods of doubt or creative block

  • Personal development: work on personal development to grow as an artist, such as stress management and communication

  • Performance anxiety: accompaniment to manage and alleviate anxiety related to public performances

  • Strengthening confidence and artistic presence: improving self-confidence and the ability to present oneself effectively in the artistic world

For experienced professionals

  • Expanding the artistic repertoire: stepping out of the artistic comfort zone and exploring new styles or techniques to stay relevant and inspired

  • Managing expectations and the pressure of previous success: handling the increased pressure after a success to maintain or surpass previous achievements by managing external and internal expectations and maintaining long-term motivation

  • Balancing creative freedom and market demands: navigating between personal artistic requirements and industry constraints

  • Maintaining a balance between professional and personal life: establishing clear boundaries, managing time effectively, and taking care of overall well-being to optimize artistic performance

  • Time and resource management strategies: optimizing the use of time and personal resources to maximize creative and professional efficiency

  • Navigating the industry strategically: support in managing significant artistic direction decisions or collaborations by evaluating professional opportunities

How does coaching work?

After an initial phone contact where we discuss the reasons for your coaching, we conduct an "unravelling" session to dive into an open discussion to understand your artistic dreams, aspirations, and challenges that may have held you back.

We create a safe space where you can share your thoughts and emotions without judgment.


This first session allows us to define a goal, an overarching objective that will be achieved through your coaching sessions. We outline the steps that will help you reach your goal by breaking it down into sub-goals to be achieved by the end of your coaching. We lay everything out by discussing your aspirations and obstacles.


Following this first session, you will receive a contract detailing the goal(s) you have defined and the major steps to achieve them. The contract summarizes the terms we discussed during this initial conversation and specifies the number of sessions (typically between 3 and 12) needed to guide you toward your ideal situation.


We can then start our sessions, and you can progress towards your goal. Our sessions act as checkpoints, accompanying you throughout your journey.


You will make the decisions that will lead you to the realization of your dreams while enhancing your confidence and well-being in your daily life. I will hold your hand and follow you wherever you wish.


A quick note:

Coaching sessions are neither singing lessons nor advisory sessions (nor therapy!).

Goals and planning: You establish clear and achievable artistic objectives. Whether it's creating a major work, mastering a technique, or enhancing your self-confidence, you develop a concrete action plan to guide your progress.

Cultivating self-confidence: Through exercises and discussions, we strengthen your self-esteem and artistic confidence. You will learn to embrace your unique talents and believe in your creative potential.

Exploring what's locked: We identify the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that may have held you back. Using coaching and reflective techniques, we untangle these obstacles and work together to dissolve them.

Action and follow-up: Each session is an opportunity to take tangible steps toward your artistic goals. You will be encouraged to take consistent actions while receiving ongoing support and constructive feedback.


➔ Each session lasts for one hour. Occasionally, we might go slightly over this time, so feel free to block out a few more minutes in your schedule to avoid feeling rushed.

➔ Sessions take place via Zoom: You are not required to download the software and can access it from any web browser.

➔ Whenever possible, try to find a quiet and comfortable space for your session, where you feel at ease sharing. This is your dedicated time. Get settled in comfortably, and let's get started :) !

Image by Ashley Batz


Rate for individuals, per session: $CA100 / $US75 / £60 / €70

For businesses, agencies and labels, please contact me through this link

Looking forward to working with you!

Image by Shaueel Persadee

Special deal:

Ready to ignite your artistic journey? Flash Coaching is the spark you need to start making real progress today. Consisting of one detangling first session + three coaching sessions, we cut through the noise and get straight to what truly matters.

Additionally, you benefit from a complimentary 20-30 minute introductory session where we can get to know each other and discuss your aspirations

Flash Coaching is a good fit for you if:

  • You are looking for a budget-friendly option.

  • You need efficient progress right away. Knowing in advance that we have three sessions together helps to experience rapid growth: the condensed format eliminates distractions and focuses solely on what you need to succeed rapidly. With limited time, there's no room for anything but the essentials. We'll identify your core goals and develop a clear roadmap to achieve them.

  • You need a quick motivating boost that lights a fire under you, inspiring action and commitment. Let's put procrastinating away and start taking meaningful steps towards your dreams!

Don't wait any longer to pursue your artistic ambitions.

Take the first step with Flash Coaching and unlock your full potential today!

Flash coaching

  • 20-30 min free introductory session

  • 1 one-hour detangling session

  • 3 one-hour coaching sessions

Duration: from 6 to 12 weeks depending on your schedule

$CAD 400     |     $US 300

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