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  • ➡️ Should I have a specific level before booking?
    Nooooo! Beginners are more than welcome!
  • ➡️ Do I have to book a specific number of appointments? Are the lessons on a regular basis?
    You book your lessons at your own pace and according to your availability. Note, however, that regular practice, even if the lesson only lasts 30 minutes, will always make you progress faster, because your brain will assimilate good vocal habits more quickly. You can also use the recordings of the lessons (which I will give you) to practice between two lessons :)!
  • ➡️ Do I need diligent practice between two classes?
    If your goal is effective progress, the ideal would be to devote at least ten minutes a day to the exercises we did in class, thanks to the recording of the class. Ten minutes a day will always be better than three hours straight once a week. To progress, your brain must learn new automatisms. These automatisms are set up thanks to repetitive practice; that's why even ten minutes of singing a day, being aware of what you're doing, will always be more effective than a big practice every weekend. If you sing for fun without looking for a perfect technique, a so-called "assiduous" practice is not necessary; it all depends on the goals you set for yourself.
  • ➡️ How far in advance can I cancel an appointment?
    Last minute cancellations are complicated to manage; please notify at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make it to an appointment. Otherwise, the class will be due and replaced, if you wish, by an email session. An email session consists of a few exchanges between us until your next lesson. You send a recording of an exercise or a song. We work on it together, by recordings from you and me, to improve a specific point of your technique, or work precisely on the piece you have chosen.
  • ➡️ Are classes maintained during school holidays?
    Yes, if you are available, I am too!
  • ➡️ How to make an appointment? Can I block a slot for the whole year?
    You can book your lessons on this page.My schedule changes every week, thus I can not commit to regular slots throughout the year. That's why you can book your slots for up to two months in advance on the booking page. If the slots do not work for you or if there are no more available, you can register for the waiting list. I try to be as available as possible according to your schedules when I add future availabilities, so don't hesitate to let me know!
  • How do we meet for coaching sessions?
    We meet via Zoom, or by phone.

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