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A robin singing


Tame your voice and dreams

and let them shine!

Image by Guillaume Galtier
Florie gounelle

(Hi! I'm Florie!)

Your voice, your dreams and you!

Like our fingerprints or irises, your voice is as unique as your identity.

Unable to be visually perceived, it activates our other senses—not just the sense of hearing, but all our perceptions. The one who consciously sings or speaks feels their body vibrate, reaching out to the one who listens.


Whether your goal is amateur or professional, I invite you to (re)explore your voice - internal or external!- and your artistic aspirations, through coaching or lessons in a gentle, attentive, and effective approach!


Each voice and individual is unique. Consequently, each voice requires a specific approach.

In singing lessons, for example, the most effective exercises for your voice type will depend on your vocal habits and internal anatomy. Depending on your goals, you may want to go straight to the point by following very specific intentions ("I need to reach this F sharp!"), or, on the contrary, take the time to familiarize yourself with your voice and understand its functioning, progressing step by step.

In coaching, you will choose unique paths, and we will take the time to help you explore them at your own pace.


Just as each voice is unique, so is each journey. Whether you aim for specific milestones or simply explore, I'm here to accompany you. There's a solution for every aspiration you bring to the table!

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Your voice lessons and artists coaching online and in Calgary!

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