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A walk together to the journey of your choice, where we'll discuss goals, expectations, fears and self confidence so you can live your dream!


Share a moment with a friend, between good time and efficiency.

Image by Sid Balachandran
Image by Gary Bendig


Available on request, the group class allows you to work on a personal project, a music piece for a wedding, or rehearse for a competition.

Image by Boris  Smokrovic

Private lesson

The class, online or face-to-face, is adapted to your wishes and needs!


Most of the time, we divide it into warm-ups and exercises, followed by song practice.
You decide whether to emphasize the exercises or the songs; the time allocated to each part also depends on your objectives. 

The session is adapted to your learning style. Some of you are looking for efficiency; others need to take the time to understand how the voice works step by step. Some will want to understand the mechanisms of the voice in detail at a physiological level, while others will want to stick to a simpler or more playful (yet effective!) approach to singing.

The exercises are adapted to the nature of your voice and work on posture, breathing, and body relaxation. Depending on your voice type, some exercises will be easier and more effective than others. Some will pull you upwards, while others risk keeping your vocal "bad habits" in place and thus slowing down your progress. So, choosing the right exercises for you is essential, which is what one-to-one lessons are all about!


The second part of the class, devoted to working on your chosen song(s), will enable you to apply the techniques you've been working on and unleash your expressiveness and creativity! 


Don't be afraid to aim too high in your choice of song: they're all adaptable, and you'll often be surprised to find that you can sing what you thought was impossible!

Fees private classes

60 minutes     |     $CAD75     /     $US50     /     50

45 minutes     |     $CAD57     /     $US38     /     38

30 minutes     |     $CAD38     /     $US25     /     25     

Student fees*

60 minutes     |     $CAD52     /     $US35     /     35

45 minutes     |     $CAD40     /     $US27     /     27

30 minutes     |     $CAD27     /     $US18     /     18

*Higher education, on presentation of proof

Classes longer than 60 minutes available :), pro-rata rates

Image by Sid Balachandran

Duo / trio lessons

You decide how to manage the session.

You can choose to allocate private time for each of you, with personalized exercises at the beginning of the class, and then sing together. Alternatively, you can dedicate the entire lesson to song work, thus spending more time on singing rather than technique alone.

Experience the thrill of sharing a special moment with your singing partner(s) in duo or trio classes. These classes not only provide a unique learning experience but also foster a supportive environment that boosts your confidence.

We always start the class with a collective warm-up, even if you choose to sing without technique exercises throughout the class.

-> If you feel that you're not entirely able to sing in tune right now, perhaps you'd prefer to have a few private lessons beforehand to get you on the right track so you can truly enjoy a group lesson (often, singing on pitch only requires a few adjustments and it's rarely as bad as you think ;) ).

Fees duo class, price per person

60 minutes     |     $CAD41     /     $US28     /     28  

Fees trio class, price per person

60 minutes     |     $CAD30     /     $US20     /     20  

Detailed prices according to the different course durations (30, 45, 60, etc. minutes) and student prices available on request!

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