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How to choose the ideal song for your voice?

If you like to see the results of your efforts quickly in order to stay motivated, one of the keys is to choose songs that seem tailor-made for you, or songs that you feel comfortable with, even if they present one or two difficulties.

How do you choose the perfect song for your voice? Let's break it down together!

1 - Know your vocal range

It's like knowing your shoe size. If you wear a size 11 shoe and try to squeeze into a size 6, you're likely to hurt yourself, even if you’re Cinderella. Singing a song that is not quite within our vocal range can make us strain our voice and damage our vocal folds (not to mention the unsatisfactory result). Let's avoid unnecessary problems by knowing our vocal range and choosing songs that fit us like a glass slipper!

2 - Consider your vocal style

Even though we can learn everything, we all have styles that suit our voice better than others. Our voice may be naturally sweet and smooth, or louder and more powerful. No matter your style, make sure to choose a song that will highlight your strengths and bring out your personality.

3 - Consider the lyrics and story of the song

The lyrics of a song can make all the difference. It's important to choose a song that tells a story that resonates with us (a lost love, a budding romance, melancholy, a story that makes us laugh...). A song that allows you to fully express yourself and tell your own story has a better chance of winning the "ideal song for your voice" trophy.

4 - Consider the key of the song

The key of a song will determine the pitch of the notes you'll have to sing. The goal here is to make sure that the key matches your vocal range. You're perfectly within your rights to change the song key, that is, to sing it a little higher or a little lower! Nobody will blame you if you modify its original pitch (and, truthfully, besides very well trained ears or people with perfect pitch, nobody will notice that you've changed it).

5 - Do research and try different songs

Finally, the best way to find the perfect song for your voice is to try several! You can use streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, or Deezer to discover new songs and artists. Experiment and make mistakes. Ask for the opinion of a friend or a singing teacher. Don't ask your cat for their opinion - even though they might be a harsh music critic, they can't sing (except maybe during mating season)!

In conclusion, by knowing your vocal range, considering your vocal style, taking into account the lyrics and story of the song, considering the key of the song, and doing research and trying different songs, you'll find the ideal song for your voice. And remember: singing is a pleasure! Take your time to find the song that will make you shine (bright like a diamond in the sky)!


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