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How to write powerful song lyrics?

Some people have a gift for words. Skilled freestyle rappers make us feel ashamed when we try to string together three lines on our brand new notebook.

Fortunately, for us "normal" folks who are not endowed with such genius, there are a few tricks to help us out.

How to write lyrics that will touch souls, make hearts beat, and move bodies?

Be honest

The best songs are those that speak to the audience, those that allow them to connect with you. Lyrics that reflect your life, experiences, and emotions are a way to touch your listeners. So, don't try to please everyone, be honest with yourself and your audience. For example, if you had a terrible day, make a song out of it: we've all had a day where everything went wrong (the infamous "shitty day", that we call "journée de merde" in French), so it will be easy for listeners to establish a connection with your song.

Find a subject that excites you

Writing a song about a subject that excites you will help you stay inspired and not get bored during the writing process. Whether it's a political issue, a current event, or a lost love, find something that lights your fire!

Be creative with rhymes

Rhymes can be a bit boring sometimes, so try playing with them to make them more interesting. Try to find unexpected rhymes or internal rhymes to add complexity to your song. It's okay if it doesn't sound as Shakespearian as you'd like, at the beginning :).

Use imagery

Images and metaphors are an excellent way to add depth and texture to your lyrics. Try to create visual images to help listeners visualize what you mean.

Don't be too literal

Song lyrics should not be taken literally. Play with words and ideas to create multiple and nuanced interpretations of your lyrics.

Have your lyrics reviewed

Before presenting your lyrics to the world, make sure to have someone else review them. You will receive useful feedback on the clarity, structure, and impact of your lyrics.

Don't be afraid to rewrite

Songwriting is a process that can take time and patience. Don't be too attached to your first versions of lyrics, be prepared to rewrite and improve them!

don't be afraid to abandon a song in a drawer

You may come back to it in a few months or even years. Maybe you're just not ready to finish it right now :).

These are some tips to help you write impactful song lyrics. But remember, there is no magic formula for writing the perfect song. Let your creativity and personality shine through and have fun!


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