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When inspiration is missing, discipline is your best friend!

Updated: Feb 13

Hello everyone!

Let's talk about something that affects all of us in our lives as creators: inspiration deciding to take an unannounced vacation. Those days when our muse seems to have booked a ticket to a distant destination, leaving us alone with our vocal folds and despair. Don't panic, you're not alone in this boat! Let's discuss the importance of discipline and how it can be our best friend when inspiration goes on strike.

Inspiration: A capricious friend

Inspiration is like that strange neighbor who shows up at your place unannounced, grabs a beer from your fridge, and then disappears without a trace (actually, if you have a neighbor like that, it's not normal; call the police or something). Sometimes, it overwhelms you with brilliant melodies and profound lyrics, but other times, it completely ignores you. So, what do you do when it decides to play hide-and-seek?

Discipline: your ally in the battle

Discipline is the superhero of creativity. It gives you the power to create even when inspiration is hiding under a pile of blankets. Here are some tips to stay on track even when inspiration is playing hide-and-seek.

1. Establish a structured practice plan

Discipline starts with precise planning. Create a practice plan that includes daily or weekly goals. It could involve improving a specific vocal technique, learning new songs, or working on harmonies. Following a practice plan will keep you on the right track, even when inspiration is on vacation.

2. Set a regular schedule

Imagine that inspiration is a lazy employee. It needs a routine. Set a regular schedule for working on your music, whether you feel inspired or not. Consistency can often wake up inspiration from its nap. It's important to find a schedule that works for you. Try different times of the day and see which one works best for you, the one where you feel the most motivated.

3. Write even when it seems silly

Sometimes, the most ridiculous lyrics and the most mundane melodies can serve as the foundation for something brilliant. Don't be afraid to let out silly ideas during your daily or weekly writing session because they might lead to golden nuggets.

4. Don't be too hard on yourself

Creativity is a journey, not a destination. Don't be too hard on yourself when inspiration is on vacation. Give yourself time to experiment, to fail, and to grow. Being disciplined doesn't mean you have to produce a hit every session; it's just a framework that allows inspiration to express itself more practically.

So, dear singers, remember that even when inspiration is playing hide-and-seek, discipline can be your secret weapon. Set a schedule, create a structured practice plan, write even when it seems silly, explore new musical approaches, and be understanding towards yourself. Who knows, maybe inspiration will return from its journey with amazing musical gifts. In the meantime, keep singing, even when you have to drag inspiration by the ear!


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