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How to find inspiration to write a song?

Hello there, artists!

Let's talk about inspiration, that little creative spark! Inspiration can be fickle and sometimes let you down, leaving you and your guitar high and dry.

But your next hit song is waiting and you absolutely need to write it tonight. And while you were expecting a tête-à-tête dinner with your dear inspiration, you find yourself alone in front of your notebook, counting the minutes of its delay.

Here are some tips to help you summon it (on time!).

1. Step out of your comfort zone

Try changing your environment and exploring new places. Go to a park, take a walk in nature, or explore new neighborhoods. You might find new ideas by observing people, nature, or architecture.

2. Listen to music

Listening to new genres of music or artists you've never heard before can help you. You might find new ideas for your own music. The thing is to broaden your horizons!

3. Write about what you know

Your daily life, personal experiences can provide many ideas for songs. Write about your sorrows and joys. You could write a song about your dog who ate your favorite pizza, the time you got dumped via text message, or an event in your life that shook you up, because writing and composing can also serve as a catharsis, in addition to connecting you with your audience.

4. Let your imagination run wild

Sometimes all it takes is letting your mind wander. Imagine bizarre scenarios or strange stories and write them down. That way, you could write a song about a vampire falling in love with a human or a goat dreaming of becoming an astronaut.

And both ideas are good!

5. Collaborate with others

Work with other artists or musicians to find new ideas. Exchanging ideas and working together can be an excellent source of inspiration.

I'll say it again - the most important thing is that you enjoy what you're doing. If you're not THAT in a rush and you're tired, take a break! The song can wait until tomorrow. Do something else, close your notebook, clear your mind, and start writing again when you feel like it!


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